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Corrective for ankle pronation and pigeon toes in kids

Flat feet weak ankles support shoes for boys and girls

New walker first step shoes for babies


We are store that sells and imports corrective, European shoes for children of all ages. We in Europe call them orthopedic shoes and every child wears them to properly shape and form their feet and posture. Quality shoes are preventive and restorative for pronated ankles, tip-toe walking, pigeon toes, in-toeing, out-toeing, hyperpronation, flat feet and back and posture problems. Kids feet can be formed correctly with best shoes and that is a common practice in all European countries. When child wears such shoes you will notice a big improvement in comfort, their walking and they reposition their feet into correct alignment. European orthopedic shoes eliminate all orthopedic problems. The more child wears them the better for their feet. In Europe parents consider those shoes as developmental need not a fashion statement and every child wears them from 9 months old to teen years. That is how children end up with well formed feet and posture. Those shoes as constructed well and they feature orthopedic arch, ankle support, none sweat soles (feet never sweat in those shoes ever), flexible soles and proper foot ankle ankle support. We import only best known orthopedic brands from Europe such as Dawid, Ricosta, Lelli Kelly, Biomechanics, Garvalin, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Zetpol, Toolk, Bartus, Primigi, Melania, Bopy, Frodo, Renbut, Kornecki. We also have selection of comfort women shoes from Europe since we have so many moms visit the store, they are also quality shoes and manufactured in Europe. We do not import or sell shoes made in low cost countries since they are not supportive not orthopedic.