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Corrective shoes that are orthopedic for kids and women

New start up orthopedic walking shoes for toddlers

Orthopedic European high arch shoes for kids

European Orthopedic Shoes for Babies and Kids

We specialize in selling special boots, slippers, sandals, sneakers, canvas for kids with high ankle support, good arches and flexible profiled soles. The high tops are best for toeing-in, tip-toe walking, collapsed ankles, knocked knees, weak ankles, pigeon toes, flat feet, difficulty walking, posture problems in children. European footwear is the best in assisting children correctly forming and shaping their feet and they are absolutely best for new walking babies and toddlers. Special footwear is also best with orthodics and AFO's that are prescribed by podiatrists. Quality footwear support feet to the fullest giving proper support and correct body alignment. Over time they will restore the feet to correct position and diminish all deformities. Store offers big selection of special shes for kids of all ages, all manufactured in Europe by some of the best manufacturers. We offer products for children from France, Spain, Poland, Germany and Italy by brand like Mazurek, Biomecanics, Garvalin, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, RenBut, Lelli Kelly, Perlina, Naturino, Falcotto, Geox, Peperine, Bopy. We also offer a line of fashion women boots, pumps and sneakers by few known imported brands. You can buy products that are top quality, supportive and very durable since they are made out of best leather.

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