Sandals for boys with wide feet on sale

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  • European brown and blue boys sporty sandals with great support.
  • Sandals for boys with wide feet on sale.
  • Durable and perfect for Summer.
  • Made out of brown/blue smooth leather with green accent.
  • They slide easily on child's foot and close with a side velcro.
  • Excellent orthopedic arch support built into sole.
  • Breathable leather innersoles that will assure dry feet.
  • Leather inside and out.
  • Flexible gray/blue rubber sole.
  • Perfect for casual or dressy wear.

Durable kids sandals and perfect for Summer

French boys orthopedic sandals


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Natasha, Buffalo Grove 2015-07-03 02:49:13

Love Bopy shoes - 2 of my boys grew up on those shoes when they were little. Sadly this store used to be in The Glen, Glenview and they later moved to Wilmette. Drove to Wilmette every season from Buffalo Grove and hated that drive. Confusing to get there and all. I keep calling them to open a store in North Suburbs since we need quality shoe place locally. Also, I saw myself how difficult and cheap locals in Wilmette and nearby area were. I could not believe it myself few times I was there. They tormented that tall girl with blond hair that worked there left and right - no wonder they closed and left. GOOD! Come to Buffalo Grove and people truly will appreciate store like that since they know what they are buying and willing to spent money for quality. For now I just drove 1.5 hours to Hinsdale via Hwy 294 South and got those sandals and few others. Met the owner, nice young girl and very helpful. Great store with only quality shoes.

Steven - Santa Ana Cali 2014-02-26 02:29:39

Nice with profiled soles...that is what I wanted - quality and European made shoes for my kid. Thanks, will shop again.

Monika, Schaumburg 2014-02-19 23:47:31

Beautiful, soft with profiled soles! I got them for vacation but I am sure my son can wear them in a Summer as well. I had many Bopy shoes in the past and they wear great and are very durable. I usually buy one shoe and sandal and I am set for entire season. Shoes sold in USA are horrible quality and none have any support and that is why kids have deformed feet here but no one seems to know that in USA and frankly does not care (at least many of my friends who have children like me....strange since in Europe that is a first for a kid to walk in quality shoes since they form their feet....I think that maybe that is because quality cost money so it is easier to buy junk shoes and later uncomfortable orthodics and torment the kid in a process.