Ankle brace good shoes

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Brands Koecki

Product Code: Bazia Pink

Tags:  ankle brace shoes

  • Ankle brace good shoes
  • Best for inserts or orthodics since they deep inside
  • Walking shoes for kids with arch inside
  • Supination support best shoes for girls
  • Made out of pink/beige smooth leather.
  • Decorated with cute velcro/flower.
  • Easy slip-on style that closes with a side double velcro.
  • Excellent leather orthopedic, antibacterial innersole with great arch support.
  • Flexible pink rubber soles.
  • Superior quality shoes perfect for all year round wear.

Supination support best shoes for girls

Best for inserts or orthodics since they deep inside


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Natasha D. 2014-07-13 21:43:21

Wonderful shoe and fit is exceptional. Quality cost money but in a long run child will have properly shaped feet. My friends say that I am crazy paying such money for a child's shoes but people in Europe do pay that much and more and have no posture problems. My child never needed any orthodics because she had good shoes from the day she learned to walk. In contrary my friends kids all have orthodics since thier feet are collapsing - hmmm... I wonder who is an idiot here me or them? Regarding this style - like all the shoes that I got from this store this shoe is beautiful and well made with great support inside. You will not find such quality in any store in USA even Nortdstroom since they all sell shoes made in China with no support.

Sandy 2014-06-30 23:49:15

Wonderful and supportive shoes for a child. Arch inside like huge bump. That is what I wanted support for the feet and foot. True quality style and made in Europe. I will be back for more shoes since in USA cannot find such quality anymore. All the shoes sold are cheaply made in China without any support. My child's collapsing feet are the result of local shoes so I finally learned that cheap shoes for a kid is a big no, no. Hopefully they will help with her condition on top of orthodics we got from a doctor. If she had good shoes from young age there would be no issues...