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Size Child

Canvas tennis shoes orthopedic for children with arches

No smelly feet house shoes with ventilated innersoles

Canvas shoes for kids with arches

Tennis shoes canvas for children with arches high back support new walkers, profiled soles, orthopedic arches present and best for summer walking or indoor as house shoes. Canvas shoes from Europe are best to wear in a summer with no socks, comfortable with high arches and good ankle support. They are recommended by European pediatricians and considered orthopedic with proper ankle, arches, heel support preventive for flat feet, pigeon toes, pronation and supination. Kids wear them in home or daycare at all times since they provide optimal foot support for small growing feet.
Mikelas Navy

High arch house shoes for baby Slippers for pronation in boys Canvas material featuring a sport car. The side clip stabilizes the foot around the ankles.They are better then velcro matter for fact.Leather arches inside with none smell, no sweat solesKid..

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Milia Yellow

Yellow summer shoes for kids with good arches Supportive ankle shoes for kids Made out of yellow canvas material. Closes with a side velcro. Excellent orthopedic arch support. Breathable leather innersoles that will assure dry feet. Flexible white..

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Mirela Purple

Baby high top walking house shoes for baby girlsPurple canvas baby house shoes with best support Put quality shoes on you child so there is nothing to correct later Kids footwear shapes their feet so it is important that they wear quality shoes at all times. T..

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Miri Lavender

Sparkly shoes for girls in purple leather by Lelli KellyLelli Kelly girls shoes with good support Leather sneakers for a child with owl glitter print.  Leather outside, sparkles and lined with canvas for comfort. Italian brand Lelli Kelly. Lavende..

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Miri Pink

Pigeon toes best walking shoes for kidsFlat foot best support girls shoes with good archOrthopedic high arch leather shoes from EuropeLelli Kelly best walking sparkly shoes for a child, decorated with owls. Made by Lelli Kelly. Pink smooth leather and dec..

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Misiu Pink

Learning to walk best house shoes for toddlersSlippers for a new walker from Europe. Pink plead canvas material featuring a bear.They have it all - good ortho support for young child This design has been manufactured since over 30 years ago and was design..

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Monaliza Pink

Flat feet house shoes for a new walker.Great for learning to stand and walk.Made out of fuschia breathable /canvas material.Closes with velcro that secures slippers.  Orthopedic arch with breathable innersoles.Orthopedic bubbles promoting blood circu..

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Moreen Purple

Baby walker shoes with good archesCanvas purple color girls house shoes decorated with heartsOrthopedia canvas shoes from Europe. Corrective for feet posture, ankle alignment and foot forming.Those are the house shoes that ever child wears in Europe from ..

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Mori Navy

Good slippers for kids from EuropeThey truly the best quality house shoes that you can buyChildren wear them for over 30 years now in many Euro countries. They are next best thing to leather high top shoe or sandal that child wears outside Those slippers are p..

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Motyl Purple

Healthy high arch slippers for kids.Best for girls with narrow slim feet.Proper orthopedic that every child wears in daycare or school Even slippers for kids in Europe are supportive and best quality. Made out purple/plead canvas material featuring a butterfly..

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Motylek Fuchsia

Slippers for kids with high arch support.Ortho shoes for a baby new walkersBest quality orthopedic arch support house shoes for kids. Fuchsia canvas material filled with white polka dots.Side clip for easy adjust. Best house shoes for a child that you can buy...

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Muriel Gray

Baby house slippers with best arch.Slippers for ankle pronation in kids with support Gray/pink canvas material.Decorated with hearts and plead material.Best for new walkers to stabilize the feet and walk.Notice the sole - higher in a back with proper ankle sup..

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Nevada Pink

Tiptoeing kids house slippers for girls.Perfectly constructed to form and shape toddler feet and correct many feet problems. Designed by an ortho doctor have been favorite of millions of mother in Europe. Every baby in Europe has a version of that house shoe s..

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Oldsmobil Blue

Ankle support house shoes for babyBaby high top walking house shoes Blue/plead canvas material featuring a car. Easy clip close that easily adjust on baby foot Orthopedic high arch walking shoes for a child. Best thing to leather high tops for a child..

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Olesia Orange

Canvas sparkle shoes for girls with ortho support Ankle pronation best walking shoes for girls with good archGood addition to summer sandals. Great to wear barefoot and kids feet will not sweat in themThey have special inersoles that absorb sweat from the feet..

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