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Size Child

Tennis shoes for children with arches

No smelly feet house shoes with ventilated innersoles

Canvas shoes for kids with arches

Sebastian Blue

Ankle turning in correction house shoesOrthopedic house shoes or canvas for every toddler. Blue/plead material featuring a excavator.Easy clip close that stays on all the times.Kids can take naps in them as well as they virtually weightless on their feet..

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Selin Navy

House shoes for a baby with best arch support and ankle support from Europe. Deformed feet toddler house shoesBaby boys house shoes to learn how to walkOrtho house shoes for a toddler boys with good support.Flat foot best supportive slippers for a baby with we..

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Sensa Blue

House shoes for boys with good arches.Supportive with ankle support for walking.Soft soles for traction and stability. Hand made out of best quality canvas. Made out of navy and yellow plead featuring football. Closes with side velcro. Excellent o..

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Sequoia Lavender

Narrow heel slippers for kids Orthopedic canvas shoes for girls with best support with soft soles best for pronated ankles. Corrective arch supported house shoes for kids. Comfortable to wear to daycare, house or school. Could be worn outside in a sunny weathe..

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Shark Gray

Best kids slippers with good archSlippers for a boys with high arches. Made out of gray canvas material featuring a shark. Close with a fully adjustable double velcro. Excellent orthopedic leather antibacterial innersoles with great arch support. Fl..

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Smerfetka Lavender

Ankles turning in house shoes for kids Orthopedic slippers/canvas/sandals for a girl. Made for a baby girl and decorated with a cute flower.  Easy side clip close. Ortho arches present in the soles of the slipper. All the slippers in Europe..

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Smerfetka Pink

Best orthopedic slippers for kids with archesAdorable for a baby girl and decorated with a cute flower. Best orthopedic slippers for kids with arches that stay on kids feet Close with a side buckle that stabilizes the foot/heel and keeps the shoes o..

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Sprint Brown

Fisherman style canvas shoes for boy Ankle support corrective canvas shoes for kids Brown canvas material and white accent. Arches present inside those canvas shoes.Child will never sweat in them due to special innersoles. White rubber sole. ..

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Sprint Fuschia

Girls fisherman style sandal for a toddler in canvasPink canvas sandals for a toddler with good arches Arches present in the soles of the modelPerfect cross between a canvas shoe and sandalBasic style but good for girls feet. Made in Europe with orth..

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Sprint Jeans

Arch support kids shoes with ankle support Blue canvas shoes for a toddler for summer Basic fisherman style good for summer Blue canvas material and white accent. Arches present in the soles of the model. Great cross between a sandal and canvas &nb..

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Sprint Navy

Navy canvas boys sandals for toddler Canvas running shoes for a toddler with weak ankles Navy canvas material and white accent.Arches present in the soles Good ankle support for kids Good basic style for child with support       ..

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Sputnik Gray

Pigeon toed house shoes for a boyEuropean made slippers/canvas shoe for baby boy. Made out of gray canvas material featuring a track. Side clip for easy open and close. Will not sweat in them ever. Good anti sweat soles in those slippers. Hee..

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Tino Blue

Low muscle tone walking house shoes for toddlers Wide width walking toddler slippers  Made out of blue, navy, red canvas. Decorated with car. Ankle stable clip adjust house shoes. Arches present in the sole of the model. Good running s..

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Tira Pink

European made slippers/canvas shoe for girl.House shoes for a girl with weak ankles.Pigeon toes best house slippers for girls. Made out of pink/tiger print canvas material. Decorated with a sweet sign. Close with a side velcro. Excellent orthopedic ..

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Tonia Pink

Start up walker house shoes for a small baby girl.Great stable soles for walking Could be worn outside as wellEuropean made recommended by every doctor Good orthopedic arch inside Made out of plead canvas materialDecorated with cute flowersBest start up walker..

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