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Size Child

First walking baby deer shoes for boys and girls

Ali Green

Toddler tip toe walking corrective sneakers for kidsSpecial sneakers for a toddler with flat feet and weak ankles. Ankle support to prevent tip toe walking. Green/blue leather.Best for weak ankles and foot pronation. Excellent arches in those sneakers added in..

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Ashley Acqua

Pigeon footed best sandals for a childHigh arch sandals for kids with weak ankles.Being high in the back child will have proper ankle supportOver time of wearing such high tops feet will improve and begun to line up.Just do not rotate them with cheap shoes tha..

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Beli Red Beli Red
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Beli Red

Red high top shoes for babiesSoft red leather baby shoes that tie with laces. Best baby first walking red shoes with good arch in red leather Made out of red leather, decorated with a furry tongue.This cute red shoe ties with laces.Visible arches. No smelly fe..

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Beli Silver

Baby first step shoesSilver leather baby high tops shoes that tie with lacesGood arch high topsSoft silver leather with a furry tongue for a little new walker.Made out of silver leather with a hint of shimmer, decorated with furry tongue.Close with easy to tie..

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Bug Blue

Closed supportive back boy sandalsOpen toe style for a toddler Cork soles present with profiled soles Closed with side buckle and velcors. Made by Italian brand Falcotto.Made out of blue leather.Has all the makings of best ortho sandals for a boy.Wide feet and..

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Bug Brown

Wide width high arch boys sandalsOpen toe, close back baby boy sandals with the best ankle support.Made by Italian brand Falcotto.Closes with a side upper Velcro and lover buckle.Adult look like boys sandals with proper ankle and arch supportBrown leather, buc..

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Castillo Yellow

Yellow leather high tops shoe for childCool soft walking shoe for a child.Absolute best soft with proper ankle support Could be worn as sandal, shoe, sneaker - all in one. Stays on little feet with top velcro.Good arches inside No smelly feet in those shoes Ha..

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David Gray

Special high top walking shoes for babyWide high instep baby orthopedic shoesColorful leather sandal/shoe for a little child with great support.Gray/blue/yellow leather.Arches inside at its best. Walking baby best support sandals for wide feet. No smelly feet ..

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David Red

Shoes for a baby with wide thick feetHigh instep good arch baby walking shoesMade out of red jeans leather.High arches, best support for walkingSole is soft and well adjusted for a child.Ankle support at its best for a toddler.Wide toe box for high instep and ..

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Ewa Gold

Wide feet sandals toddler girlFoot forming shoes for girls with high archesGold metallic leather orthopedic adorable sandal decorated with flowers.Made out of gold metallic leather decorated with a flowers.Easy fit for wide and high instep feet.Arches present ..

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Fiodor Red

Best infant walking shoes with good arches.Soft quality walking shoes for a baby. Good arch and best for walking with high support.Best quality shoes for a child with weak ankles.Foot forming best leather high tops for kids.Sneakers with ankle support for a ba..

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Fiodorek Blue

Stable quality shoes for toddlers with supportBlue leather lovely shoes for a babyAbsolute best baby shoes for proper foot development.Has it all ankle, arch and posture support best for child.Those are appropriate shoes for a child.Not crocks, merels, Keens, ..

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Fiodorek Lime

Soft soles baby shoes for walkingNatural soft leather baby first walking shoes Perfect shoes for a baby with lovely bright unique color.They match anythingLime goes with gray, red, yellow, blue, beigeProper best ortho walkers with heel and ankle supportStable ..

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Fiodorek Red

Supination sneakers for children that are supportiveBest high tops shoes for kids with feet problems and weak collapsed ankles. Due to special ankle support and reinforced heel baby will experience needed ankle support.Those little gym shoes have it all  ..

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Forten Green

Special sneakers for kids with archesAnkle support sneakers for a babyGood arches, heel support best with proper ankle support. Made out of olive, orange leather. Velcro closure. Arches present in those sneakers.Casual absolute best for kids feet. Good flexibl..

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