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Size Child

Kids sneakers best for running with arches

Android Blue

Sneakers for a child that have arches inside.Quality sneakers for a child with flat feet Made by Italian brand Geox. Blue/yellow leather with mesh material. Arches in the soles Will not sweat in them either even worn with no socks.Good sneakers for ki..

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Android Pink

Kids arch support sneakers Made by Italian brand Geox. Pink/sky smooth leather with mesh material.Will not sweat in those sneakersOrtho support present and will not sweat in those sneakers. Can wear them with no socks. Those are true ortho sneakers w..

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Atlanta Gray

Gray leather arch supportive best kids sneakerFashion orthopedic sneakers for girls with flat feet Geox brand gray leather sneaker for kids with proper foot support. Made out of combination of gray patent leather with matching sequins.Feet will never sweat in ..

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Barakuda Blue

Sneakers for kids for school Sneakers for kids with good arch support Flat feet best gym shoes for a girl. Orthopedic best for weak ankles and pronation supportive, Geox best brand of sneakers for a child.Best for daily wear with no socks or school wear kids. ..

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Barakuda Gray

Orthopedic sneakers for kids with heel support Mash gray material and leather combo for kids.Geox made ankle supportive best sneakers. Made out of gray/lime mash material and leather.Top velcro Feet will not perspire due to leather soles with arches. Grip best..

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Barakuda Lilac

Corrective high top sneakers for kids. Heel and ankle pronation best support.Heel stays supported and prevents turning inwards. Light, flexible best for casual daily wear with good arch support for walking. Lilac/blue mash material and leather.Arches present i..

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Barakuda Navy

Boys quality sneakers for kids from EuropeOrthopedic support with good high arch, Ankle support best for kids with foot pronation Leather and mash material navy kids sneakers. European boys sneakers in navy color.Velcro strap.Sneakers will not sweat since mash..

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Barakuda White

Sneakers for child with weak anklesAnkle supportive and does not bend in the back when child is walkingIt is very important for weak pronated ankles. Arches are added to the sole of the sneaker They are orthopedic sneakers. Combo of white and multicolor leathe..

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Baron Red

Red sport shoes for children sneakers Running shoes for flat feet child with arches in the solesSneakers with best foot supportPronation preventive sneakers for boys.Red leather and mesh material mixFeet will never sweat in those shoes as they never prespirreT..

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Bierut Blue

Wide foot sneakers for boys with high instep by Geox. Made out of green/blue smooth leather and mesh material.No sweat kids sneakers with good arches with support. Perfect shoes for any active kid. The best gym shoe with arches and anti sweat soles for ..

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Drakula Beige

Orthopedic boys sandals for wide feet boysHigh instep best sandals for teen boys with archesSporty sandals for your boy straight from Europe. Made out of beige nubuck leather and brown mesh material with blue accent. High instep best since easily resize..

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Drakula Blue

Foot problems kids shoes with high archesWide width in cool navy color.  Sporty style. Blue nubuck leather and gray mesh material with yellow accent. Long velcro close. Arches always present in any style ortho sandals. Will not sweat in them..

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Emy Fushia

Pink sneaker for a child with good support Orthopedic fashion sneakers for girls Good ankle support leather arches insideBest for foot stability and comfort in walkingSneakers best for gym for a childSoles feature anti-smell innersoles so feet will not sweat i..

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Grunwald Green

Flat feet fallen arches kids sneakers with supportSupportive sneakers for kids with weak ankles Made out of lime/green/yellow smooth leather and mesh material.Close with side double velcro.Excellent orthopedic arch support.Breathable and removable leather inne..

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Jocker Pink

Running shoes for girls with arch Sneakers for a child with best archOrthopedic best girls lovely sneakers from GeoxAnkle support, heel support, high arches for walking.Best for running and jumping and overall wear. Could be worn with no socks as they feature ..

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