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Kids Foot Pronation causes and treatment

Why kids feet pronate and get deformed

How shoes affect body and feet in kids

  • Child does needs quality orthopedic shoes from the day they start learning to walk.
  • European shoes are the only ones that are supportive and they form kids feet correctly. 
  • European shoes offer proper reinforced heel (preventive for ankle pronation and pigeon toes)
  • Good orthopedic arch support
  • None sweat soles (absorb sweat from kids feet)
  • Best leather used (leather manufactured in Europe not China since leather from China always had traces of mercury)
  • Flexible soles best for walking, running, jumping
  • Forming kids feet and body gait posture.
  • Preventive against all orthopedic problems child might develop with cheap shoes
  • Restorative for all orthopedic problems children develop with none supportive shoes
  • Children feet are forming as they growing so this is the only time to align them properly.
  • All kids footwear manufactured in Europe is monitored by European Ministry of Health so no cheap import shoes are allowed for sale in any European country.
  • Shoes are envisioned in Europe as foot developmental need for a child - it is not a fashion statement in any way.

The images below show how shoes develop and affect child's feet, posture and gait. Remember, is is best to buy 2 pairs of quality supportive shoes per season (6-7 months) then 10 pairs of poorly made ones -  Watch the video about pronation.

Cause of kids foot pronation and supination

Corrective shoes for kids weak ankles