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Size Child

Supination fix shoes, boots and closed sandals for children

Amora Purple

Girls orthopedic purple high topsSupportive sturdy, corrective leather mary janes for toddlers.Absolute best for kids with weak ankles and pronation.Fashion forward designer and European made best toddler walking shoes for kids.Ortho best pronation preventive ..

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Appa Fuschia

Leather fuchsia sneakers for girlsHigh arch support for girls best sneakersPronated ankles best with supportive heel for a child.Weak ankles best support sneakers for girls. Pink sneaker decorated with polka dots guaranteed to match any outfit.Proper orto snea..

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Appa Pink

Pronation best girls shoes for weak anklesSturdy heel and ankle support best with archesFoot restorative for many orthopedic conditions kids develop due to wearing cheap none supportive shoes.Heel is sturdy and will keep ankle in a packet and restore ankle pro..

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Appa Turquoise

Girls ortho sneakers for daily wear.Great leather support best for ankle pronation.Turquoise pink and white leather.Proper ankle sneakers for a child.Sturdy back, ortho arches and none smell soles.Comfort all the way for a childProper foot developmentAnti toe ..

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Appa White

Pronation best sneakers kids White and blue leather high arch best sneakersArches like pillows (no flat shoes are ever produced in Europe)Support shoe to correct ankle turning in kids.None smell soles inside so child can wear them with no socks.The feet will n..

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Aria Blue

Blue leather European orthopedic sneakers girlsSupport blue sneakers for girls with good archesGirls ankle turning shoes for toddlers High arch support new walker shoes for a child.Blue, white and pink smooth leather.High arches present with proper foot suppor..

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Aria Purple

Purple sneakers for childrenGirls heel support best walking support shoes Universal style - could be worn any place. Purple, lavender and white smooth leather.Arch support that is needed for children.Acti-fresh soles for kids - will not sweat in them. Gray and..

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Askari Purple

Kids arch support walking gym shoesProper ortho sneakers for a child from EuropeThose are best sneakers for toddlerCorrective for weak ankles, flat feet, pronation, pigeon toesThey will support kids feet and over time diminish those foot conditions in kids.Sho..

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Babavel Gray

Shoes that support ankles for boysOrthopedic sturdy with reinforced heel.Will align child's foot over time.Toe walking best kids high top shoesGray, blue and orange leather.Perfect style for kids with higher instep.High arch shoes with none sweat innersoles.10..

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Bak Green

Orthopedic shoes for kids best in Australia.Toddler orthopedic green leather boots for flat feet.Weak ankles support best toddler shoesToeing in best corrective shoes with high heel support.Toddler orthopedic shoes.Weak ankles support best toddler shoes.Made o..

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Barbarosa Pink

Insoles shoes for flat feet child.Preventive for any foot pain in kidsSay good bye to kids foot pain and discomfortHigh arch support preventive for ankles and foot pain.Orthopedic best arch walking sneakers for toddlersProper ortho sneakers for a child with an..

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Barbie Navy

Stylish navy leather high support shoes for children.Orthopedic high tops for kids with arches.True orthopedic gem for children with weak ankles and flat feetFlat foot support navy and pink combo high tops.All year round orthopedic high tops for kids.Good arch..

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Bryon Gray

Sandals for knocked knees in kids.Best for regural to wide feet.Leather used gray, plead and orange colors. Shoes for a toddler with weak ankles and flat feet.Have your child to wear such sandals if his knees, ankles are collapsing.They need heel support, arch..

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Burak Blue

Sandals for babies with wide thick feet.Wide and high instep best for toddlers and older boys.Weak ankles with severe pronation effective. Cause of kids foot pronation - none supportive shoes from China.Sandals and shoes form kids feet so it is important that ..

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Casa Beige

Heel supportive leather boots for boysBest correction boots for children with pronated and turned in ankles.Heel of the boot it sturdy stiff and well supported.It will not bend when child is wearing those boots.Ankle is reinforced with special leather back.Tho..

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