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Pigeon footed best sandals for a child

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Brands Falcotto

Product Code: Ashley Acqua

Tags:  pigeon toe child sandalswide feet baby sandals

  • Pigeon footed best sandals for a child
  • High arch sandals for kids with weak ankles.
  • Being high in the back child will have proper ankle support
  • Over time of wearing such high tops feet will improve and begun to line up.
  • Just do not rotate them with cheap shoes sold locally.
  • The reason is whatever quality shoe aligns the ankles, cheap one destroys the line up
  • Thus you never seen any difference in improvement.
  • That is why in Europe we never put low quality sandals on none of our kids.
  • They wear proper shoes at all times since feet are affected by shoes they wear.
  • Our pediatricians also recommend best shoes for kids and it is part of physical check up in Europe. 
  • Those sandals are lovely - aqua metallic leather and decorated with a bow.
  • Easy foot adjust for girls. 
  • They have it all that good sandals for a child should have.

High arch high top baby sandals for walking

Aqua metallic baby sandals with arches


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