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Pigeon toe corrective sandals for girls

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Kinga Lavender

Tags:  pigeon toe corrective sandals

  • Out toe fix best kids sandals
  • Closed back orthopedic support best kids sandals
  • Flat feet best ankle supportive kids sandals
  • Decorated with a flower.
  • Fully adjust on child's foot.
  • Proper ortho style - has it all arches, profiled soles and best leather used. 
  • Type of a sandal that every child should wear as they form their feet posture and body form.
  • We described that in detail in our blog below this page.

Closed back orthopedic support best kids sandals

Ankle correction best girls sandals


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Melania - Palm Beach FL 2014-02-12 22:48:09

100 stars of better. I wanted to buy supportive high back sandals for my 4 years old since her ankles turn a bit from wearing crocks. That is what she wore every Summer and I had no clue that those rubber shoes cause her feet to collapse. I did some on-line reading and I decided to buy leather supportive shoes instead. What a difference! She already walks better, does not trip anymore and her feet do not smell in those sandals. Great arch support inside as well. I hope those shoes will help her with her walk as well over time. I will continue to buy her quality shoes from now on and see what happens but so far the difference is very significant.