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Size Child

Boiled wool slippers for kids from Europe with arches

Orthopedic house shoes for kids with good arches

Heel supportive best walking slippers for new walkers

Rebeka Pink

Kids slippers with good arch in CanadaTip toe walking stop house shoes for girls. Close with a side adjustable clip. Easy on and off style.  Made out of pink canvas material and decorated with adorable girl. Orthopedic arch with support build int..

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Rebeka Rose

Supportive toddler slippers with good arch support Deformed feet best toddler slippers Over time they will correct kids feet since they provide optimal ankle support. Extra light and flexible style for any infant/toddler girl.High arch baby slippers with good ..

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Reksio Blue

Kids house shoes from EuropeCorrection house shoes for kids with weak ankles Stylish blue dog slippers for a child. Perfect slipper for daily wear. Arches present and heel is supported in the back of the slipper for ankle support. Feet will never sweat in them..

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Rex Blue

Posture corrective house shoes for toddlers.Learning to walk baby house shoes with arches. Made out of blue plead canvas material decorated with dog.Best house shoes for toddler with actual ortho support. Those canvas shoes are not soft in the back.They h..

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Ricci Purple

Boiled wool house shoes for kids with good arch insideWarm slippers for a girl from FranceToddlers quality wool slippers with good heel and arch support Purple/pink velvet and boiled 100% natural wool Decorated with cats.Feet will never smell in those s..

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Roberto Gray

Canvas orthopedic baby shoes for boysPerfect cross between a sandal, slipper or tennis shoe.Could be worn either way in any season - indoor and outdoor. Kids wear them in Europe as an addition to leather sandal or shoe. Perfect support in those little walkers ..

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Roberto Navy

Canvas sandals for baby boyFlat feet best house shoes for kids or summer outdoor walkers. Shoes to correct walking on inside of the foot.Yes, they will do that as well since they have it all what little feet do need. Elevated heel with proper alignment - notic..

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Rover Beige

House shoes for a boy from EuropeOrthopedic slippers for a toddler Beige slippers for a child with proper heel support, orthopedic arch and ankle support. Made out of beige canvas material featuring a robot. Close with a fully adjustable frontal velcro..

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Rycerz Brown

Boiled wool toddler slippers for winterFoot problem kids best house shoes for boys. Wool is a natural material so toddlers feet will never sweat in those shoes.  Arches, heel supportive sole absolute best ortho slippers. Decorated with a knight...

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Samolot Gray

Right foot turning in best house shoes for kids Corrective orthopedic slippers for a toddler with weak anklesQuality canvas shoes for a new walkers with best support. Gray canvas material featuring a plane. Side clip close, easy to adjust child's ankle..

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Samolot Olive

Learning to walk best house shoes from Europe.Canvas shoes for kids with visible arches Olive material featuring a plane. Easy side clip that stays on so baby does not remove them. Support for ankles at its best. Arches and all best caliber of a hous..

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Sander Jeans

Sandals for baby with wide feet and high instepEuropean made canvas shoe for a boy.Orthopedic slippers for kids with wide feet Jeans/blue canvas material. Clip closure that will adjust around the ankles. Best ortho walkers for a toddler Great additio..

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Saratoga Navy

House shoes for baby learning to walk Baby boy weak ankles, foot pronation best slippers.Good for wide feet and high instep walkers. Navy canvas featuring a colorful plane. Easy fit and closure Arches present inside and feet will not smell in them ev..

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Sebastian Blue

Ankle turning in correction house shoesOrthopedic house shoes or canvas for every toddler. Blue/plead material featuring a excavator.Easy clip close that stays on all the times.Kids can take naps in them as well as they virtually weightless on their feet.Those..

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Selin Navy

Deformed feet toddler house shoesHouse shoes for a baby with best arch support and ankle support from Europe. Baby boys house shoes to learn how to walkOrtho house shoes for a toddler boys with good support.Flat foot best supportive slippers for a baby with we..

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