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Size Child

Boiled wool slippers for kids from Europe with arches

Orthopedic house shoes for kids with good arches

Heel supportive best walking slippers for new walkers

Atoto Blue

Boiled wool slippers for a babyAnkle pronation best slippers for baby Deformed feet kids best house shoes with actual heel support. Pronation preventive house shoes for childrenCar slippers for your little child, adorable and best quality you can buy. Mad..

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Aurelka Pink

Slippers for kids that stay on kids feetCanvas shoes for baby girl with high arch True ortho house shoes or canvas shoes for a baby.Pink plead canvas material and decorated with adorable princess. Arches like inflated pillows and special sole that keep..

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Bali Fuschia

Indoor best house shoes for babiesEuropean house shoes best for foot support for children. House slippers featuring arch, leather inside sole,No sweaty feet due to filtrating solesFlexible pink breathable air ventilation rubber sole.Small openings present to l..

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Biedronka Red

Velcro house shoes childrenPolish slippers for toddlers made with canvas.Ladybug red slippers for a baby girl supportive and perfect to wear at any season. Slippers for babies with orthopedic arch support.Red canvas material and decorated with ladybug. Arch ..

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Bombowiec Blue

Ankle pronation best house shoes for toddler Cool supportive slippers for a toddler.Wide width high instep best house shoes for a toddler. Made out of blue plead canvas material featuring a airplane. Site clip easy for closure. Child will never loose t..

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Bruksa Navy

Navy color house shoes for girls with good arch.Sot pink sole, stable heel and high orthopedic arch.Made out of navy canvas material decorated with heart.Arched sole leather insert.Best for house house or daycare.Ortho slippers since that is the only kind that..

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Bruxela Navy

Car decorated slippers for toddler. European made slippers for baby boy.Bedroom high arch slippers for toddlers boys. Made out of navy canvas. Velcro close. Arches build into the soles of the model. Good soft rubber soles for any type of floor. Chi..

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Bunia Blue

Slippers for a child with good archHouse shoes for a baby talking first steps.Made out of blue/pink canvas material featuring a kite. Close with a fully adjustable clip.Shoes hug the foot perfectly giving stable soles. Arches present with ortho support. ..

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Bunia Pink

Stable walking house shoes for a baby.Ankle pronation best girls house shoesHeel support canvas walking shoes for a child'Best to wear in a house or daycare.Orthopedic canvas shoes for a baby - yes, they truly the best shoes for child. Made out of pink c..

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Bunia Purple

Best shoes for babies Arch support best canvas shoes for a babyTry them every baby in Europe learns to walk in them.Stable house shoes for kids with arches. Made out of purple canvas, cute and well made house shoes. Close with a fully sized clip. Very ..

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Cars Navy

Boys navy moccasins by NowaliCars slippers for toddlers with soft soles Moccasins with non slip soles Moccasins featuring colorful navy cars. Hand made in Sweden Oko-Tex quality yarn. Slips easily on child's foot and they securely stay on.   ..

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Charlota Pink

Best slippers for sweaty feet in kidsFeet will never smell in those slippers due to special innersoles. Acti fresh innersoles inside.Flexible white breathable air ventilated soles.Sole has ortho support build into the model. Notice the back is higher then the ..

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Chester Navy

Canvas slippers for a boy with arch support Car decorated navy house shoes for a boy.Kids house shoes with good arch.Slippers for boys with high arches for boy with regural width feet. Made out of navy canvas material featuring a red car. Close with a f..

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Dalmatian Navy

Indoor shoes for toddlers with good arch for walkingKids house shoes for pronation and weak ankles Navy canvas material featuring dalmatian dogs. Close with a fully frontal velcro.Arches present in the soles heel support and none sweat soles for kids. ..

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Danka Lavender

Quality house shoes for baby Baby girls slippers with good archAnkle support best house shoes for walking. Lavender/pink canvas material filled with flowers. None smell and sweat soles for a child Great walking ortho soles. Absolute best foot..

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