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Size Child

Boiled wool slippers for kids from Europe with arches

Orthopedic house shoes for kids with good arches

Heel supportive best walking slippers for new walkers

Jania Fuchsia

Foot correction house shoes girlsSupportive girls slippers decorated with hearts. Great for a house or daycare daily wear. Made out of fuchsia plead and decorated with hearts.Good orthopedic slippers for a childAnkle heel is supported for pronation, Leat..

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Japonka Fuchsia

Boiled wool slip on slippers for childrenOrthopedic slippers arch support present. Best house shoes for ankle pronation Wool slippers for girls with weak ankles Made out of pink wool and decorated with stars. Arches present insideHouse shoes for older children..

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Jeep Green

Child in toe best corrective shoesBaby slippers with arch support for weak ankles  Good arch wide width slippers for a boy Made out of olive canvas material featuring colorful jeep.Best ortho slippers from Europe for over 30 years.Invented by foot do..

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Jocker Black

Black velvet color house shoes for boysWide high instep slippers with arches. Orthopedic best house shoes for a child with walking problems. Decorated with a joker. Easy wear close with velcros. Slippers with best arches present. House shoes fo..

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Jurgen Gray

Best orthopedic slippers kids with archesSlippers for a boy with good arch support.Ankle support toddler house shoes for kids.Gray plead canvas material featuring a car.Velcro closeAnti smell and anti sweat soles presentOrtho arches inside Proper slippers for ..

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Jurka Gray

Tiptoeing kids best slippers for a baby. Gray canvas material filled with pink linesOrthopedic baby slippers with heel support.Decorated with a pink leather butterfly. Not only adorable but practical and very supportive.Check out the sole - back is high..

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Jurka Multi

Shoes for babies taking first stepsSuper stable walkers with proper soles and support. Regural to wide width baby slippers with arches.House shoes for a baby that is taking first steps and learning to walk Multi colorful canvas material. Decorated with ..

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Jurka Navy

Wide width toddler slippers with arch support Slippers for a new walker best for weak ankles Made out of navy canvas material filled with polka dots. Decorated with a pink leather butterfly.Best ortho house shoes for a child with high ankle and arch su..

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Justysia Rose

Pigeon toe correction slippers for a toddler.Yes, over time you will see improvement in your child 's pigeon toesJust wear the along with proper ortho leather shoesThey work as well as leather shoes but indoors. Orthopedic baby high top slippers for walking ..

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Jutrzenka Purple

Wool slippers for a baby with arches Good support house shoes for kids Purple boiled 100% natural wool (your child's feet will never sweat)Leather anti sweat soles and proper ortho support Notice elevated heel for proper supportTrue ortho house shoes for ..

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Kadia Navy

Girls pediatric slippers Navy color with frontal flowers. Will not sweat in those house shoes as they breathe well due to good sole. No mold growing inside as they filtrate the foot to the fullest. Soles with traction for walking. House shoes for da..

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Kali Fushia

Girls house shoes for wide feetOrthopedic heel supportive canvas shoesFuchsia girls slippers/canvas shoes for a baby girl. This is a proper ortho house shoeBest for wider high instep feet baby.Has it all - leather arches, stable soles, good ankle support ..

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Kassi Navy

Weak ankles and foot pronation kids shoes.House slippers for girls with good arch Made out of navy canvas materialBest support house shoes for kids with proper foot support. Orthopedic best for girls to wear in daycare or house.Supportive heel so they wil..

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Kodi Jeans

Slippers with arches for a baby boyBaby boy first walking shoesEuropean made canvas shoe for baby boy. Blue/jeans canvas material decorated with car.That clip is a super invention since you can easily adjust them on baby's feetThe tighter the clip the sab..

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Kola Blue

Best house shoes for posture kidsOrthopedic support best arch slippers for kids Blue plead canvas material featuring a car Absolute favorite of almost every child in EuropeThey have been manufactured since '80 Many satisfied little customers wore the..

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