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Size Child

Wool slippers for kids from Europe with arches and good arches with ankle support for pronation

Orthopedic house shoes for kids with good arches

Heel supportive best walking slippers for new walkers

Boiled wool slippers for kids from Europe with arches or made out of canvas house shoes correcting ankles and tip toe walkers with ankle pronation. Proper orthopedic slippers for boys and girls all made in Europe out of quality materials. Slippers are important for kids feet as they wear them at home and orthopedic support is needed for growing and developing feet and posture. All slippers feature orthopedic arches, stable orthopedic soles, good ankle support and they are made in Europe according to European Orthopedic Standards. Slippers that are manufactured in Europe are absolute best for growing and developing feet. Kids wear them in daycare, school or house since feet needs to be supported at all times.
Kropki Fuschia

Non slip socks slippers for toddler girlsWarm moccasins for a toddlerMoccasins featuring colorful fuschia dot prints. Pink Oko-Tex quality yarn. Warm with none slip leather soles.        ..

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Kulki Red

Non slip sole house shoes for kids Red moccasins for baby girl decorated with dots.Made in Sweden. Special cotton used out of red Oko-Tex quality yarn. Flexible leather sole with traction.Soft soled slippers for girls.     &n..

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Kwiatek Pink

Foot pronation treatment shoes for kids.Orthopedic house shoes for a child.Sturdy heel, ankle support will not foldWill hold the ankle in correct position when walking. Pink canvas with flowersOrthopedia soles for kidsNo smelly feet innersoles ever. Orthopedic..

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Lali Navy

Toddler house slippers Quality slippers for a toddler Adorable European slippers with hearts.Baby house shoes best to learn house to walk and stand.Slippers that have been designed by orthopedic doctor over a decade ago.Very popular in European countries and t..

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Lalina Blue

Child in toe corrective shoes for girlsBlue supportive slippers for a girl with best arch support.Narrow feet best canvas shoes with good arches.Blue canvas material featuring a flower.Notice the back of the canvas - it is higher and will cover the ankle compl..

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Lalina Red

Arch support kids house shoesQuality slippers for girls with narrow feetOrthopedic slippers/canvas shoes for any girl.Red canvas material featuring flowers.Good arches and heel support preventive for ankle pronation. Every child wears them in Europe at home, d..

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Lew Green

Soft soled slippers kids with leather soles Warm wool slippers for a toddlersStylish boys moccasins featuring colorful lion. Sweden made out of best quality breathable yarn. Oko-Tex quality yarn.Leather soles for anti slip effectStay on your baby's feet we..

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Lew Navy

Baby slippers with lions and non slip sole Wool slippers for a toddler with leather soles Stylish boys moccasins featuring colorful lion.Leather none slip soles for walkingSpecial Oko-Tex yarn         ..

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Lornetka Pink

Ankles turning in best fix house shoesHigh top slippers for a baby with regural to wide feet Unique ortho European slippers for baby girl.Has it all proper foot support for a young walker. Baby's feet are fully supported in those shoesNotice the back of the ru..

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Ludmila Navy

Healthy walking slippers for kidsWide width baby slippers with high instep Navy canvas material filled with polka dots. Decorated with a butterfly. Fully adjustable clip will stabilize child's foot. Arches present in the soles of the house shoes, Al..

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Lunas Navy

Flat footed baby high arch shoesOrthopedic house shoes for a toddler. Made out of navy plead canvas material. Side clip easy to open and close. None smell soles with ortho arches present. Good slipper or canvas shoe for child Those slippers are fav..

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Lunia Fuschia

Best house shoes to learn how to standSupportive house shoes for a toddler.Polka dot extravaganza made with canvas. Canvas is a super material that it is used for house shoes or sneakers in Europe. Feet never sweat in them yet they are supported at all times. ..

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Lutti Fuchsia

High instep baby slippersSoft soles best kids house shoesWide width house shoes for toddler girl. Canvas material featuring a pattern and cute side flower. Good house shoes or canvas for a young walker Best for wide feet and high instep baby girlThose s..

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Lutti Pink

Extra wide children house shoes with arches Hard bottom house shoes for kids learning to walk Pink/lavender canvas material featuring a pattern and pink side flower.Best house shoes for a young walkerHigh arches, heel support best. Foot support baby hous..

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Madzia Fuchsia

Posture corrective walking slippers for kidsOrthopedic slippers/canvas shoes for a girl. Slippers for a baby girl decorated with a cute stars.  Side buckle that keeps the shoes on.Easy clip to operate. Arches best, ankle support best, none smell so..

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