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Size Child

Boiled wool slippers for kids from Europe with arches

Orthopedic house shoes for kids with good arches

Heel supportive best walking slippers for new walkers

Lutti Pink

Extra wide children house shoes with arches Hard bottom house shoes for kids learning to walk Pink/lavender canvas material featuring a pattern and pink side flower.Best house shoes for a young walkerHigh arches, heel support best. Foot support baby hous..

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Madzia Fuchsia

Posture corrective walking slippers for kidsOrthopedic slippers/canvas shoes for a girl. Slippers for a baby girl decorated with a cute stars.  Side buckle that keeps the shoes on.Easy clip to operate. Arches best, ankle support best, none smell so..

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Magic Gray

Pigeon toe preventive house shoes for kids  Orthopedic high arch canvas shoes from Europe. Yes, they will assist in restoring kids feet from pigeon toes. Over time child feet begun to line up and gait will be restored. Wear them along with high top leathe..

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Magnat Navy

Knocked knees house shoes for toddlersCorrective slippers for children with good arch.Heel ankle supportive for kids Made out of navy canvas material featuring a airplane. Easy clip close. Leather arches present Soft navy solesDoctors recommended sli..

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Magon Navy

Canvas house shoes for kids with archesEuropean made slippers/canvas shoe for baby boy or girl. Navy canvas material featuring racing cars. Velcro that will stabilize child's foot.Good arches, heel support best for a young walker. Best ortho house shoes..

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Makaron Navy

Orto canvas shoes for a toddler.Good arch support for a child Every child wears them in EuropeDoctor recommended for house or daycareMade out of navy canvas.Closes with a side clip that secures slippers.  Orthopedic bubbles promoting blood circulatio..

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Mapi Fushia

Ankles support slippers with archesQuality slippers for girls with good arch support. Fushia canvas material decorated with flowers. Arches, heel support with soft soles. Breathable air ventilation rubber sole.The white sole will not turn yellow d..

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Mapi Navy

Toddler slippers for kids Australia.House shoes for girls with best orthopedic arch support Flat foot best house shoes for girls. Navy canvas material decorated with flowers. Anti sweat soles present with great arch support. Flexible white breathab..

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Marchewka Fuchsia

Pink high arch slippers for toddler Orthopedic baby walking slippers for an infant Corrective for ankle pronation toddler girls house shoes. Made out of fuchsia material. Side clip that secures slippers.   Orthopedic bubbles promoting cir..

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Marika Pink

Orthopedic arch support slippersHouse shoes for girls best for narrow feet Heel supportive canvas shoes for girls. Made out pink/plead canvas material featuring a fairy.They could be worn with or without socks.      Truly ortho slipp..

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Mariusz Navy

Baby canvas house shoes decorative with navy plead. Best to use as a slipper, canvas, house shoes - all in one. Every child wear them in Europe as a first pair walkersThen gradually moves to leather shoes, however those are always worn in house or daycare.Hous..

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Matzan Blue

Healthy walking house shoes for kids. Made out navy canvas material featuring a school bus. Side clip that will stabilize child's foot. Orthopedic arches present.True support house for a toddler - they will prevent many feet problems and help to resto..

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Mazda Blue

Special house shoes for kids with good support. Slippers for a toddler with good supportMade out blue plead canvas material and feature a car. Side adjustable velcro that will stabilize child's foot.   Recommended by every pediatrician in E..

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Mercedes Blue

House shoes for a toddler warm for winterAnkle pronation best slippers for baby High arch house shoes for a boyCar slippers for your little child, adorable and best quality you can buy. Blue velvet and warm wool.Best wool slippers for a child with proper ..

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Merfa Pink

Warm slippers for a child made out of best boiled wool.Orthopedic high arch baby slippers with archesCute pink face - mouse on the slippers. Well made otho house shoes for a toddler They have it all supported ankle, profiled innersoles, None sweat soles s..

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