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Size Child

Boiled wool slippers for kids from Europe with arches

Orthopedic house shoes for kids with good arches

Heel supportive best walking slippers for new walkers

Nevada Pink

Tiptoeing kids house slippers for girls.Perfectly constructed to form and shape toddler feet and correct many feet problems. Designed by an ortho doctor have been favorite of millions of mother in Europe. Every baby in Europe has a version of that house shoe s..

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Oldsmobil Blue

Ankle support house shoes for babyBaby high top walking house shoes Blue/plead canvas material featuring a car. Easy clip close that easily adjust on baby foot Orthopedic high arch walking shoes for a child. Best thing to leather high tops for a child..

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Orzel Olive

High arch quality house shoes kids Made out olive canvas material. Close with a side adjustable velcro that will stabilize child's foot.Ankle support and best correction house shoes for ankle pronation. Orthopedic slippers for boys best for wide feet, ..

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Panera Gray

Best slippers for pre-walkersSilver velour and wool slippers for a toddler girl. High top slippers for a child with weak ankles. Orthopedic walking house shoes. Silver velour and wool decorated with flower. Heel and orthopedic arch support presen..

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Piesio Navy

Baby dog decorated moccasins with none slip soles Sweden Made out of best quality breathable yarn. Oko-Tex quality yarn used. Stays on kids feet due to special design. Good alternative to kids socks since they warm and stay on well.   &..

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Pilka Jeans

Hard bottom shoes with arch supportIndoor shoes with arch support best for wide feetProper house shoes for a baby Worn by millions of kids in Europe and designed by ortho doctor in EuropeThose little walkers might look strange but they do support toddler feet ..

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Piorko Fuschia

Orthopedic house shoes for a child Ankle support best toddler slippersFoot form best house shoes for childrenSlippers are important for kids as they give proper support as leather shoesGood slippers of course. Those offer it all for a childProfiled soles, gr..

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Pirat Blue

Soft canvas house shoes for boysShowing a pirate on the frontal designMade out of blue plead canvas material.Best to use as sandals, slippers or house shoesKids walk on tip toes best house shoesProvide optimal ankle support since they are closed in the backHee..

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Pompka Pink

Indoor shoes for baby with high archesBoiled wool house shoes for baby girls with best support and good arch.  Heel supportive wool slippers for kids Baby with high arches best indoor shoesMade in France.Indoor shoes for baby with high arches.Heel support..

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Pontiac Navy

Indoor shoes with arch support for boysTrue ortho canvas shoes for a child. Those slippers offer all, high top covered ankle where foot is supported and coveredSole has special heel reinforcement that will not bend when worn. That is needed for proper ankle al..

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Portugalia Purple

Orthopedic warm wool slippers for kidsProper house shoes for a child with good arches and ankle support for walking. Boiled wool slippers for toddlers Purple velvet and boiled 100% natural wool.Your child's feet will never sweat in them due to special innersol..

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Pruga Fuchsia

Daycare walking slippers for a toddler with high support Best orthopedic slippers for a child with ankle support Learning to walk best house shoes for a baby. Made out of fuchsia canvas material filled with polka dots. Close with a fully adjustable clip..

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Pruga Pink

Best house shoes for toddler with archesHouse shoes for toddler best for learning to stand and walk. Made out of pink canvas material filled with polka dots. Adjustable clip that will stabilize child's foot.Foot forming best canvas house shoes for kids..

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Prusalka Multi

Arch forming best house shoes for kidsSlippers recommended by every foot doctor in Europe.They provide optimal foot support for a little walker. Pronation best supportive orthopedic boots for kids with good.Flat foot support best slippers for kids Good c..

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Racer Gray

Weak ankles best house shoes for toddlerPerfect house shoes for a child with perfect foot support. Notice the back of the slipper has heel up and elevated with sturdy back support. Good arches present in the soles with anti smell soles Those little walkers are..

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