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Sneakers in natural leather with orthopedic arches for weak ankles

Made in Europe sneakers for flat feet

Orthopedic high arch leather corrective sneakers

Sneakers for kids made with natural leather for weak ankles and flat feet. High arch new walking sneakers for boys and girls made out proper ankle and arch support. Best for pronation, pigeon toes, right foot turning in, left foot turning in, weak ankles and flat feet. Sneakers are made out of leather feature proper arch support, pronated ankle preventive, none sweat soles (no smelly feet in those sneakers), best leather used, flexible soles. Corrective for children with proper orthopedic support that is absolutely needed for forming and growing feet. Sneakers that are recommended by any foot doctor in Europe as they shape and support kids feet offering needed foot support. Best orthopedic sneakers that you can buy for a child all made in Europe, not made in China as we do not sell or import low quality shoes with no support.

Bak Green

Orthopedic shoes for kids best in Australia.Toddler orthopedic green leather boots for flat feet. Weak ankles support best toddler shoesToeing in best corrective shoes with high heel support.Toddler orthopedic shoes.Weak ankles support best toddler shoes. ..

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Baltazaros Navy

Best walking shoes flat footed boy.Problem feet corrective leather shoes for boys. Made out of navy/blue smooth leather. Accented with a orange color. Style perfect for wide feet. Good arches and none sweat innersoles inside.Will not sweat in t..

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Barakuda Blue

Good sneakers for kids with flat feetSuperior quality Geox sneakers for any fashionable boy or girl.Running sneakers for a child with flat feet Made out of the best natural leather and mash material mix. Navy with red mix. Arches in the soles of the sneakers,N..

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Barakuda Blue

Sneakers for kids for schoolSneakers for kids with good arch supportFlat feet best gym shoes for a girl with actual arches and ankle support and stability. Preventive for ankle pronation in kids since all the sneakers in USA are soft in the back heel. That is ..

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Barakuda Gray

Orthopedic sneakers for kids with heel supportMesh gray material and leather combo for kids.Geox made ankle supportive best sneakers. Orthopedic with proper ankle support that prevents ankle pronation. Orthopedic arches inside and none sweat soles since kids f..

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Barakuda Lilac

Corrective high top sneakers for kids. Heel and ankle pronation best support.Heel stays supported and prevents turning inwards. Light, flexible best for casual daily wear with good arch support for walking. Lilac/blue mash material and leather.Arches present i..

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Barakuda Navy

Boys quality sneakers for kids from EuropeOrthopedic support with good high arch,Reinforced heel with proper ankle support and orthopedic archesAnkle support best for kids with foot pronationLeather and mash material navy kids sneakers. European boys sneakers ..

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Barakuda Pink

Cool sneakers for girlsComfortable, well made with actual arch support present.Supination and pronation preventive best sneakers.Heel of that sneaker is actually supportive and will not bend when walking.Good arches present with none sweat soles. Could be worn..

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Barakuda White

Sneakers for child with weak anklesAnkle supportive and does not bend in the back when child is walkingIt is very important for weak pronated ankles.Arches are added to the sole of the sneakerThey are orthopedic sneakers.Combo of white and multicolor leather a..

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Barbarosa Pink

Insoles shoes for flat feet child.Preventive for any foot pain in kidsSay good bye to kids foot pain and discomfortHigh arch support preventive for ankles and foot pain.Orthopedic best arch walking sneakers for toddlersProper ortho sneakers for a child with an..

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Barbie Navy

Stylish navy leather high support shoes for children.Orthopedic high tops for kids with arches.Flat foot support navy and pink combo high tops.All year round orthopedic high tops for kids.Good arch high top boots for kids.Feet will not smell in those boots.Sup..

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Baron Red

Red sport shoes for children sneakersRunning shoes for flat feet child with arches in the solesSneakers with best foot supportPronation preventive sneakers for boys.Red leather and mesh material mixFeet will never sweat in those shoes as they never prespire Th..

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Basiloc Gold

Running shoes with arches for girls.Gold sneakers for a child - YES, they are lovely.Quality, all the way as they should be since they form kids feet. Child will never sweat in them due to proper anti sweat soles. They will transform your child's feet due to b..

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Basiloc Gray

Toddler sneakers for flat feetRegural width toddler sneakers in lovely gray leather.Good arch, heel support and needed ankle support. Made out of gray, yellow and pink polka dot leather.Cold be worn with and without socks.Foot forming best ortho sneakers for k..

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Batavia Blue

European shoes on sale for childrenMade in Europe according to orthopedic standards set by Ministry of Health. Proper arch, ankle support, heel support for forming and developing feet. Corrective for kids walking on tippy toes especially as they sturdy in the ..

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