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Soft walking canvas shoes for toddler

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Fifi Navy

Tags:  soft walking canvas shoes kids

  • Soft walking canvas shoes for toddler
  • Orthopedic best ankle supportive canvas walkers.
  • Can be worn outside in the summer
  • It is next best orthopedic thing to leather high tops.
  • All kids in Europe wear them daily since they provide ortho support like leather high tops.
  • Ankles are supported at all times, they have arches, stable soles and none sweat soles.
  • Millions of toddlers grew up on those shoes in Europe and end up with perfect feet.
  • Those house shoes are certified by European board of pediatric and orthopedic society.
  • That side clip on the canvas secures them all day long and stabilizes the ankles. 
  • Child walks around in those shoes all day long and feet are none smelly, supported and well protected.
  • Try them kids love to wear them.

Canvas sandals with good arch for a toddler.

Good heel support house shoes


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Stacy, Laguna Beach 2015-09-23 02:41:50

Adorable, flexible with great support. My daughter wears them outside and we switch them between sandals we got from you as well and those little canvas shoes. Love them both....