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Special occasion black dress shoes

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Brands Koecki

Product Code: Askari Black

Tags:  special occasion black shoes

  • Special occasion black dress shoes
  • Best school shoes for a girl or casual mary janes.
  • Orthopedic quality dressy shoes.
  • They have all the features of ortho foot shaping shoes.
  • Heel support, ankles, ortho arches, good soles and none sweat innersoles.
  • Quality shoes for a girl are a must.
  • They shape kids feet posture, knees, gait, body alignment.
  • They help to prevent many feet problems in kids.
  • We in Europe place good shoes on kids from the day they start walking.
  • Child grows, foot is molded in good shoes.
  • There is never any foot issues once child wears quality shoes.
  • Yes, they cost money - good shoes with actual support
  • The result is well formed feet.
  • This is how we Europeans form our feet as children
  • Then generation after generation follows it and does the same thing.
  • Why? Since it works and we European origin adults do not have pigeon toes, pronated ankles and flat feet.

Orthopedic best quality dressy shoes from Europe

Quality ortho shoes for kids with arches


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