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  • Stable walking slippers for baby.
  • Wide foot and high instep baby shoes with arches
  • Special foot forming house shoes for kids
  • Pink velvet/canvas material.
  • Closes with a side clip that secures slippers.  
  • No sweat feet in those slippers
  • Orthopedic bubbles promoting blood circulation of little feet.
  • Pink rubber soles with traction. 
  • Perfect for indoor house shoes for toddlers
  • Since 1980 millions of kids grew up on those slippers since we wore them at home in Europe.
  • They are ultimate best support next to leather high top but for the house or daycare.
  • Even slippers manufactured in Europe are orthopedic
  • No flat footwear is produced ever and there is a reason for that.
  • Slippers shape and form kids feet, same as the shoes so only the best kind are suitable.
  • We walk barefoot on the sand, beach where foot actually contours to ground.
  • How does it happen on flat wooden floor, tile, carpet?
  • It does not - feet are not supported so those slippers were invented by orthopedic doctor in Europe and then been doing a job for 35 years now.

Good arch baby house shoes for new walkers

Wide foot and high instep baby shoes with arches


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Alice - San Francisco, CA 2012-11-04 14:25:49

Cute! I decided to buy quality shoes for my 2 years old since she begun walking inwards with one foot. I searched on-line and found this site. I also read info on other sites and those that made any sense suggested shoes, slippers with arch support and ankle support. I bought few from that site and I saw instant difference in my daughter's walking. She does not trip as much and I just hope her right foot will straight out. I will be buying quality shoes from now on since they really shape little feet. I am just upset that my local pediatrician did not even bother to mention that shoes for kids are very important. I will do mention that on our next visit, but I also think that parent needs to educate itself what is good for their child those days.

Mara from Kansas, US 2012-09-16 00:34:56

Super - love those little slippers for my daughter. Excellent arch support and top quality. She wears them non-stop in a house and her feet are supported now. The clip on that style is easy to open and close but your baby will have a hard time taking them off. The heel is stabilized with great arch inside. This store honestly has the best shoes for children. I still have summer shoes that I recently bought from them but I will be back for Fall shoes for sure.