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Sturdy heel and soles for boys

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Brands Koecki

Product Code: Clearance

Tags:  sturdy heel boys shoestip toe preventive best shoe

  • Sturdy heel and soles for boys
  • Tip toe walking shoes for child
  • Ankle supportive, sturdy heel best shoes
  • Will prevent tip toe walking due to sturdy back of the shoe. 
  • Child rises on his toes and has a hard time doing so. 
  • Over time they will stop. 
  • Quality shoes for a baby boy that you can buy. 
  • Great for wide feet.
  • Could be worn barefoot. 
  • Those shoes are last pair we have and they have tiny sole discoloration
  • No defects to wear, just small yellow stains on the soles. 
  • They were caused by light since leather exposed to light changes color.
  • They were display model, last pair.
  • Does not affect the wear they are super shoes.
  • Soles will turn some yellow once child wears them but it will happen gradually.

Wide width leather shoes for a baby

Good arch kids shoes with support


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Miriam Chatwik, Boston 2014-07-07 00:41:32

Great shoes for a child! Love them! Leather, support and fit is great since my baby has really wide feet. Quality is top notch as expected from European made shoe. You have me a a client for many years since local shoes in USA are the worst kind that I ever seen for children. No support, no arch and kids walk with deformed feet around here. Crocks, Keens, smelly gym shoes - it is a standard here and that is why there is many feet issues here. People just do not understand that kids need to wear quality shoes at all times and rather buy cheap Chinese garbage to save the money. Well, later invest in orthodics that never restore the foot anyway because the key is to buy quality shoes from young age and you will have no problems.