Tippy toe walking shoes for girls with weak ankles

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  • Weak ankles walking shoes for girls from France.
  • Tippy toe walking shoes for girls with weak ankles.
  • Made out of silver metallic leather decorated with stars and cool silver pins.
  • They slide easily on child's foot and close with side velcro.
  • Excellent orthopedic arch support buld into sole.
  • Breathable leather innersoles that will assure dry feet. 
  • Leather inside and out.
  • Flexible white/gray rubber sole.
  • Perfect for casual wear.

Tippy toe walking shoes for girls with weak ankles

Flat foot support silver shoes kids


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Myra, Pebble Beach 2016-01-27 16:26:25

The most durable shoes for a child to wear in a Spring or Summer. I buy them every year in a Spring (in different color but cut and style is somewhat the same). Over the years my daughter had about 7 pairs of them and every one of them wore like iron. Those shoes do not scuff, sole does not came apart, the sole does not turn yellow either and even at the end of season. Shoes are made in France so maybe that is why they are so durable, totally worth the money. I get one sandal and mary jane like that for entire Spring/Summer and those shoes last for entire 8 months. My daughter walks normal and has no feet issues since I always cared to buy European made shoes since child needs support while their feet are growing and forming. Unfortunately none of my friends share that opinion and their kids are all pigeon toed and walk with collapsed ankles. They just don't care to spent any money....