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Weak ankle baby sandals

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Brands Murek

Product Code: Bartolomeo Gray

Tags:  weak ankles baby sandals

  • Weak ankle baby sandals
  • Leather orthopedic with good ankle support.
  • Gray, blue and orange natural leather.
  • Decorated with cut-outs.
  • Arches present, good heel support and none sweat soles for a child.
  • Child can wear them barefoot as they would never sweat in those shoes.
  • Ankle corrective high tops for a boy.
  • Proper shoes for a child learning to walk.
  • Shoes shape and mold kids feet thus very important that they wear best shoes at all times.
  • Most of the feet problems are cause of cheap shoes with zero support.
  • Those shoes also help with feet problems as well as correctly form kids in general.
  • That is what ortho shoes do, form kids feet.

Leather orthopedic with good ankle support

High top sandals for a toddler


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