• Weak ankles support best boots for kids
  • High arch boots for kids from Europe
  • Made out of the best quality smooth leather.
  • Ankle boots for kids with special insert.
  • Best for weak ankles and foot pronation.
  • They are gray in color with a hint of pink.
  • Have all the makings of high top ortho boot.
  • Europe produces only support shoes for children
  • The footwear industry is regulated by European Ministry of Health
  • Shoes are part of child's health therefore they have to be made to ortho medical standards

Ankle boots for kids with doctor special inserts

Best for weak ankles and foot pronation


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Tatiana 2015-11-03 00:33:58

Just bought those shoes for my daughter in Hinsdale and they are truly great shoes. Excellent support, fit and superb leather. We drove to that store from Northbrook since we want to try them on. We do it every season to buy shoes for our 2 kids. They only sell European made shoes with best support and they import those shoes themselves so they are not Chinese copies like every product in USA these days. Place was busy like crazy and we had to wait 1 hour for our turn. That is ok, we went to Egg Harbor for breakfast next door and it was great family outing Saturday.